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Buffy Characters and Pairings with Songs...

1. Watching Warehouse 13 mainly for ASH and Marsters, reminded me once again how well written and directed Buffy was. This is not a well-written or directed series, actually that may be an understatement. Not helped by the 20 commercial breaks Syfy insists on. (I caught it on demand. Love "on-demand".)

2. beer_good_foamy came up with the idea of posting links to music vids to characters, pairings, seasonal arcs, or episodes that you are fannish about or into. I rather like this idea. I may start doing this. Some people have actors in their heads when they are reading a book, I have songs. I've been known to use music to come up with stories.
And I tend to see stories when I listen to music - like a movie. It's hard to explain. Not sure I understand it.

Came up with the following links so far:

* Spuffy, S2-S6: Kiss with a Fist

Here it is below:

Every time I hear that song - I think of the Spike/Buffy relationship.

* Bangle, S1-S7 : I Set Fire to the Rain


I personally think the first vid is better and more reflective of the relationship. And in some respects, I prefer the first song - "I Set Fire to the Rain".'s really the "Burn" song by the Cure that I'm looking for. Only vid I could find for it was to The Crow.

[Confession? I was a Bangle shipper prior to being a Spuffy shipper. I am one of those odd fans...who basically shipped whomever the story tossed at me, with a few exceptions (Cordelia and Angel did not work for me.) I basically went from Bangle/Drike (Dru/Spike) to Spuffy/Dangle(Darla/Angel) to Spangle. LOL! And Drike and Dangle are hilarious mashups. I can't think of non-humorous mashup. Spursilla? Arla? ]

Th other by Pink, entitled "Try" sort of fits both relationships, but I actually prefer it for Willow/Tara and Willow/Oz.

There's three characters on the series, where the Buffy writers paired with perfect songs. You don't even need to hunt down songs for them. Although I don't have to hunt songs - they just pop into my head when I read or see a character. Some people envision an actor playing a role, I hear a theme song. This makes no sense, since I have no memory really for songs or lyrics.

* Spike - Pavol's Bell by Aimee Mann (Episode, Sleeper) Unfortunately no one has done a Spike video with it. Another song I'd pair with Spike is Joan Osborn's Man in the Long Black Coat.

* Willow - Virgin State of Mind (Episode, Dopplegangland). No one has done a Willow video with it. Maybe because it would feel redundant?

I equate Willow/OZ and Willow/Tara with the Pink Song Try. The other song I equate Willow and Tara with is the Joan Jett song Crimson and Clover.

The music is sketchy in this version. I prefer it in this one instead:

* Drusilla - Transvalania Concubine (Episode, Surprise) And honestly, after you watch the vid which is for the song not Drusilla, you'll see why. I couldn't find one featuring Dru on youtube.

Speaking of series that do music well? Defiance is blowing me away with their music choices. I want the soundtrack to Defiance.


Ooh! I'm totally going to have to play with the playlist (I actually have playlists under character names, so coming up with songs is easy!)

Like the vid choice for Spuffy. Very fitting.
I'm thinking of issuing vid challenges...because a lot of the songs I thought of, didn't have a vid for them.

I'm wondering if that's actually a better idea? List a character or pairing, link to the song and challenge people to create a vid for it?
I can't create vids, but I can create challenges.
The Willow/Tara video is really intense. I really like your choices.
Thanks. I thought Crimson and the White really fits them. I'm considering thinking up more.
Here via su_herald, and it's funny, because I was just wondering about this. I think Poison & Wine (by the Civil Wars) fits Angel/Darla surprisingly well.

You only know what I want you to / I know everything you don't want me to.

I don't love you, but I always will.

requisite vid
Oh, I agree - that's a really good song match for Darla/Angel (one of my all time favorite ships.)

And a good vid for them as well.

Often you have a great song in mind but you can't find a vid for it.
For example - why has no one done an Angel vid to the song "Mad World"?
Instead there's a lot of Buffy vids to it, which don't quite work.

PS - I did another post with vids...that has one for Darla (Sea Lion Woman), one for Angelus (Dragula) and one for the fanged four (Bad Romance)...

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